Camera Dolly and Slider System

Whether you need a Table Top, a Fully Rideable Tracking Camera Dolly or anything in between, The CamDolly CS lets you configure it all in just about 5 minutes. You can set it up as: Table Top, Camera Slider, Orbit Dolly, Doorway Dolly, Tracking Dolly and even a Turn Table.

  • Unlimited configurations with 3 sets of wheels
  • Zero mainteinance
  • No extra tools needed

Table Top

  • Works great where space is a problem
  • Ultra compact
  • Super light weight but high payload (over 440 lbs/200 kg)
  • Use it for straight or arching shots

Camera Slider

  • Versatile & reliable design
  • Ultra smooth moves and fluid operation for studio and outdoor cinematography
  • A Camera Slider that can take on your fully rigged Arri Alexa with Optimo 24-290 lens, your DSLR camera or your iPhone

Orbit Dolly

  • Take a perfect 360 Degrees
  • Set it up with any camera and any tripod
  • For low shots, table top shots or high shots
  • Push & pull in any direction

Tracking Dolly

  • Straight or curved shots
  • Compatible with any track
  • 100ft of flexible rubber track

Doorway Dolly

  • Pneumatic wheels for smooth ride
  • Sit & Ride
  • Push and pull in any direction


Gigantic Weight Load Capacity

The CamDolly Cinema Systen can take more than 440lbs (200kg) of weight, enabling you to mount it with any camera and all the »shabang« you need,… and you can even ride along if you want to.

Track Ends for Any Length Tracks

The Track Ends provided will enable you to use any length pipes from you local hardware store with diameter from 0.8inch (20mm) to 1.4 inch (35mm). Along with Track Supports, if you’re going to use long rails, you’ll be able to support in 2 sections to prevent curving because of the weight.

Use Any Tripod

Universal Tripod Holders can take whatever tripod you have.

100ft (30m) of Solid Flexible Rubber Track Included

For extra long runs we’ve included the longest Flexible Rubber Track on the market.


Adjustable Swivel Track Wheels

If you will use tracks from other systems or even our Solid Flexible Rubber Track, you will be able to mount the Track Wheels in the way that enables the full 20 cm (8 inch) swivel to compensate for the track width difference.

Low or High Shots

Shot on a table or on the floor for those low shots. But when space is a problem, you can mount the CamDolly Table Top with your tripod using our Universal Tripod Holders and shoot an over the shorter shot.

Take a Straight or a Perfect 360 Degrees Shots

»Dialing in« different degrees by turning the wheels will give you straight shoots and circular shots with any diameter distance from your subject. You can also make the camera turn around it’s center or lock it down completely and use it as a Tripod.

Setting Up In Under 10 Minutes

One of the best things about the CamDolly is that any configuration can be set up in literally minutes. The Table top takes only about a minute and Tracking Camera Dolly with the seat and push and pull T-bar takes about 8-10 minutes.

Compatible with ANY Camera

Also compatible with any DSLR or with your favourite SMART PHONE

Case for Flex Trax

Keep 2 x 50 feet (2 x 15 m) of Solid Flexible Rubber track all in one indestructable case that’s super easy to carry and transport.

Soft Cases for All the Parts

Never loose any part of the CamDolly because every last screw has it’s own plase in the foam. After the shoot, put everything in the cases. Then take one look and you will know if you have any parts still laying around.




  • Camera Slider – 22lbs / 10kg
  • Orbit Dolly – 33lbs / 15kg
  • Track Camera Dolly – 66lbs / 30kg
  • Table Top – 11lbs / 5kg
  • Doorway Dolly – 61lbs / 28kg
  • CamDolly Cinema System – 165lbs / 75kg
  • Camera Slider – 21”W x 19”L x 4”H / 550mmW x 500mmL x 100mmH
  • Orbit Dolly – 37”W x 37”L x 4”H / 950mmW x 950mmL x 100mmH
  • Track Camera Dolly – 30”W x 47”L x 4”H / 750mmW x 1200mmL x 100mmH
  • Table Top – 21”W x 19”L x 4”H / 550mmW x 500mmL x 100mmH
  • Doorway Dolly – 30”W x 47”L x 4”H / 750mmW x 1200mmL x 100mmH
Base Plate CamDolly Base Plate is made from 15mm Air Grade Aluminum
Extension Legs 4 Extension Legs, made from 15mm Air Grade Aluminum, will extend the CamDolly to a fully Rideable Camera Dolly
  • 4 Inflatable Pneumatic Wheels
  • 4 Table Top Wheels (Inline Skate Wheels)
  • 2 Track Wheels:
    •  > 2 Track Wheels – fixed
    •  > 2 Track Wheels – with extending arm
Tripod Holders 3 Universal Tripod Holders will take any Tripod with any kind of Legs/Pins
  • Doorway Dolly Push / Pull / Turn Adapters
  • Height Difference Adapters
  • Seat Assembly
  • T-bar Assembly for push and pull in any direction
Track Ends
  • For mounting Slider Tracks
  • Custom made tracking board support for Table Top configuration
Tripod Head Adapters Base Plate has interchangeable Adapters to mount any type of Video/Film fluid head you want to use. You can also use a Bazooka instead of the Tripod. Included:

  • > 75mm Bowl Mount Adapter
  • > 100mm Bowl Mount Adapter
  • > 150mm Bowl Mount Adapter
  • > Flat/Mitchell Mount Adapter
  • > Bazooka/Euro Mount Adapter
Chart Degrees vs. Diameter Chart (Imperial and Metric) for Orbital/Arching moves
Rubber Track 100ft. / 30 meters of Flexible Solid Rubber Track (2x 50 ft. / 15 meters)