About Us

The CamDolly was created with a single goal in mind: To place professional-grade video and film equipment within reach of even the most budget-conscious film and videomakers.

Behind the company and its signature product: One man with a passion for film and a commitment to excellence.

Most people simply watch a film. Some people absorb, analyze, evaluate, and learn, motivated by a love of the medium and an appreciation for the inspiration, technical proficiency, and professional expertise needed to transform an artistic concept into an onscreen reality.

CamDolly inventor Met Hrovat is the second kind of person.

A passionate film fan, Met found himself engrossed by the technical elements of the movies he viewed – the nuances of lighting, editing, camera movement, and

countless other subtle but essential details that brought a film to life. He thought about how these things were done – and wondered how they could be done better.

His acting and video production experience provided Met with exposure to the methods and machinery of the production process, as well as to their limitations. Existing dolly systems were cumbersome, limited in functionality, and too costly for the majority of working professionals. Met became convinced that he could do better; the concept of the CamDolly was born – and the hard work began.

After three years, thousands of work hours, five physical prototypes and a dozen or more on the drawing board, countless revisions and modifications, and extensive testing and research, CamDolly Cinema System is ready for production.

The Team

  • Met Hrovat
  • Founder and Inventor

Met is the founder and creator of CamDolly Cinema Systems. His ideas have changed the way the industry takes on the moving camera as far as camera dollies go. His designs help film makers work faster and more efficiently.

  • E-mail: met.hrovat@camdolly.com

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team_members (4)

  • Alenka Hrovat
  • Chief design and Inspiration Officer

Alenka is Met’s Star. She is the designer of all visual materials and a Met’s life companion.

  • E-mail: info@camdolly.com

  • Miro Teršar
  • R & D

Miro is the “Making Wonders in the Garage Guy” and is doing all the work bringing all the CamDolly prototypes to life.

  • E-mail: info@camdolly.com

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  • Water Jet Cutting Team
  • Manufacturing

Bostjan and his Waltech Waterjet Cutting Team is where the main CamDolly Cinema System part are precision cut.

  • E-mail: info@camdolly.com