A: The CamDolly was designed to minimize overall weight while maintaining durability, strength, and load-bearing capacity. All CamDolly parts are constructed of 15mm precision-machined air grade aluminum, with hardened metal threaded inserts. Metal parts are finished with a hardened black enamel to minimize reflectivity.

A: More than 440 lbs (200kg)! However, we have conducted several tests with even more weight. We have tested it with a crane and 2 people all together at around 600lbs (260kg). We highly suggest you stay within the advertised ranges (Up to 440+lbs/200+kg).

A: We designed the CamDolly with optimal flexibility firmly in mind with a a range of options that covers just about every type of camera movement in a typical production environment.
The CamDolly is built to perform superbly as a:
– slider
– table top dolly
– doorway dolly
– rideable – Track dolly
– orbital/arcing dolly
– straight / curved / flexible track dolly

A: All the CamDolly Cinema System units are pre-prepared for Motion Control that we are just about to launch.
Launch date is 1st October. Our new motion control support will add motion control capabilities for CamDolly CS in Table Top and Slider mode.

A: Yes! If you should break or lose a CamDolly component, just shoot us an email to info@camdolly.com with your request and we’ll make sure you get your replacement real fast.

A: The CamDolly system is designed to require minimal maintenance. Apart from keeping your CamDolly reasonably clean and dry and ensuring that the balloon tires are inflated to the proper pressure, there are no particular maintenance procedures needed.

A: Yes. We made the soft cases for the CamDolly thinking about optimal portability.

A: No. Since the CamDolly includes our Universal Tripod holders and tripod fluid head adapters you can fit it with virtually anything you have.

A: Use any Video or Photo tripod since our universal Tripod Holders can fit literaly any Tripod. And since the CamDolly CS Full Kit comes also with a  Bazooka/Euro mount adapter you can mount it with a Bazooka as well.

A: The CamDolly has a range of adapters that will fit any tripod head, fluid head, ball head on the market.
From flat-mount tripod heads and Mitchell mount heads, to 75mm, 100mm and 150mm ball head mounts. We even have a Bazooka/Euro mount adapter so you can mount any industry standard Bazooka.

A: Under 10 minutes. That is for the most complex configuration like the Tracking Dolly or Doorway Dolly. If you want to set it up as a Table Top, you can do that in 2 minutes.

A: Yes! Use any pipe/tube from 3/4″ to 2″ (20 – 50 mm).
If you are looking for a perfect setup, then Industry standard track from JL Fisher, GFM or Panther is ideal.

A: The Full CamDolly Cinema System with everything included (cases, 2 x 50ft (2 x 15m) of Flex Track, all adapters) weights 155 lbs (70kg).
However the size and the weight of the specifit configuration depends on the configuration you assemble. Check out the Specifications on our main page.

A: The track is split into 2 parts, each 50 feet (15 meters) – this will give you a full 50 foot dolly run.

A: Great part of the CamDolly is the 14 inch swivel of the tracks on one side. This gives you plenty of tolerance for laying down the track fast and easy.
Simply lay down the track in the shape that you want with tracks roughly 22 inches (55cm) apart. For the Tracking Camera Dolly to take the curve that you want only one side of the track must be set perfectly. That is the track with fixed turning tracking wheels. The other side is taken care by the Swivel Arms.

A: The smoother the surface, the better the shots.
You can use the Flex Track outside on concrete or any other flat surface. Just make sure the surface is flat with no big bumps.
If the surface is too rough, we recommend setting the CamDolly as a Camera Slider and set it up with C-stands and Track Ends using aluminum or steel pipes.

A: The Flexible Rubber Track is solid rubber so there is no fear of damage under heavy payloads.

A: To be able to put on a higher weight load – YES.
Our CamDolly Cinema Systems was built to carry a cameraman, therefore solid track is a must.

A: That is a big  advantage of the Flex Track. You can set up your shot any length. If you need a shorter run you can use only one track and set it up in a »U« shape.

A: As we said before,… the ground should be as smooth and flat as possible. Big dips and bumps will be a problem. That’s when the slider comes in to play or you can always lay the pipes of the slider straight to the ground and do the same with the Tracking dolly.

A: The biggest advantage is the shape – you can set it up in any shape you want. Wide curve, tight curve a straight run or mix you need is great.
Fast setup is also advantage.
Easy transportation – you can roll it up and move it to a new location in minutes.

A: It’s actually very easy.
You will just need some patience and practice at first to become accustomed to the dolly system. Its not “Run N Gun”… as no dolly system is. Once you get the hang after a while you can have the system setup and rolling in under 10 minutes.

A: The Track Ends are designed to fit into a standard 1 1/8″ Junior Receiver. Although the Track Ends are hollow underneath, they are NOT designed to fit into a baby pin or C-stand.  The most popular stand is a Junior Combo Stand.
CamDolly support system is compatible with most of the stands in the industry. However we recommend heavy duty C-stands.

A: Yes. To go low mode, simply turn the Track Ends spud up, and you can go all the way to the ground.

A: CamDolly products are compatible with industry standard rail systems from Panther, GFM, JL Fisher, etc.
As a Camera Slider you are going to need a hard rigid pipe with an outside diameter between 1-1.5″. For the best results you will want to use a material with a smooth surface.
Materials that we recommend are:
(1) Heavy Duty Chrome Closet Pole that is available at Home Depot and other construction retailers. It comes in 4, 6, and 8′ length and is good for camera rigs up to around 25lb.
(2) 1-1/4″,  Schedule 80, 6061 Aluminum Pipe. This is what is commonly referred to as “speed rail” or “grip pipe” and is an ideal material to use with the RailDolly. You can use camera rigs up to 100lb at up to 10′ without center supports. This is a common material that most metal suppliers will be able to provide.

A: We ship everywhere around the globe,… so yes, we will ship to your country too.

A: We offer FREE World Wide Shipping

A: Your order will be shipped from either CamDolly Headquarters in Slovenia-European Union or our US Headquarters in Chicago Illinois.

A: After you order we will process it and send you an email with tracking information.

A: Yes, you can pay using your PayPal account in our online store. Simply chose the payment option: Credit Card/PayPal. You will be redirected to 2CheckOut payment interface where you can pay with your PayPal account.

A: Yes, you can pay using any of the “major” credit cards (Master Card, Euro Card, American Express, Visa, discovery, etc) or with your PayPal account.
The other payment option is a regular money wire transfer.  If you wish to pay by money transfer please contact us at info@camdolly.com

A: Most orders are dispatched within 3 business days. If we are out of stock we’ll let you know.
Shipping to most locations is 3-7 days.

A: We do not recommend buying the equipment in rush.
Normally, most orders are dispatched within 3 business days from the date of the payment clearance.
Payment usually gets cleared in 2 – 4 business days.
Shipping is 3 – 7 business days.
Take into account possible shipping delays and customs clearance time. Add some time to check if the parcel arrived in good condition and reserve some time for setting it up, testing and learning.
Again, we do not recommend buying the equipment in rush. Once you have decided to go for it, we’ll make our best to help you get it on time. But please don’t blame us if something goes wrong.

A: All CamDolly products purchased online have a One (1) Year Limited Warranty. Please read more on our Warranty Terms pege