Bring Out the Dolly

“Bring out the Dolly” was a command that used to send at least four people over to the grip truck, grunting and groaning for ten minutes as they carried something the size of a small car over to set. Don’t have a big crew? Grab a doorway Dolly. Need a more subtle move? Slider. Circular move around an object? Orbital dolly. Closeup of a coffee cup? Tabletop dolly. Before long there’s no room for actors for all the different gadgets.

No more. With the CamDolly I have anything from a ride-on dolly to a slider and anything in between, all in one large pelican case. It’s small enough for me to use when I’m a one-man-band but sturdy enough to hold both me and my 1st AC as a ride-on when needed. I have even mounted a crane to it and pushed it around at ludicrous speed and it performs flawlessly.

Cameras seem to change every week, making them very scary investments. What if your new toy is obsolete in six months? Well, that new camera that just replaced it will still sit pretty on top of the CamDolly, making it a much safer place to put your money.
Add to that the personal connection to the creator, Met. The Internet is a wonderful thing in that it enabled him to take his zany idea of building a better dolly for everyone and actually get it out to people. By talking to the filmmaking community he’s not only gotten exposure for his product but feedback that has helped him make it what it is. He listens and implements, and how many companies do you know where you can call the CEO when you have a question about the nuts and bolts of their products?

Joel Bergvall, Film maker, Nominated for Academy Award. Likes to wear hats.


It’s truly the Camera Dolly with limitless possibilities

Hi, My name is Bob. I teach film and television production at a public High School in Atchison Kansas in the United States. I strive to equip my students with the necessary tools to help make them the best film makers they can be. This lead me to the CamDolly – the camera dolly with limitless possibilities.

When I saw the CamDolly on internet I just had to get it for my students.

The CamDolly exceeded all my expectations.

I wanted to put it to the hand of high school students – would it hold up? Was it going to be sturdy enough? Would it work? Would my students be able to figure it out? Could I figure out how to use it?

Yes to all of the above questions. And when I had a question, Met at CamDolly was right there with an easy to understand answer. It’s like he’s down the street, not half way across the world.

I couldn’t believe the versatility of the CamDolly and how sturdy it is. It’s sturdy enough to stand high school students and 1 teacher and we use it almost every day. It’s truly the Camera Dolly with limitless possibilities. I am so excited for my students,… now they can take their film making to a new level using the CamDolly.
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Bob Neidenger, Video Production Teacher at Atchison High School, Kansas USA Atchison High School


It definitely exceeded my expectations

“…I just wanna talk to you about how great this thing is.

I had to fly this from US to Central America,… that was very easy because it’s very light,.. yet it’s very heavy duty… it can hold up to 400 pounds. It’s up there  with the JL Fisher dollies. Amount of production value that is gonna add to your film is amazing, the type of shots you can do with it. There’s a lot of different things you can do with this camera dolly,… you can turn this into a slider, table top, tracking dolly,… so easy to put together. It definitely exceeded my expectations.

Whether you are an independent filmmaker or up there with the big boys in Hollywood, I am sure that any person would find wonderful things to do with this….”

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Eli Tehan and Andres Valle